Which One Do You Choose? Making BBQ with Charcoal or Gas?

Eating with friends and relatives is a very pleasant moment. Especially if it comes with a grilled show-baked a delicious dish. To serve an appetizing roast dish, we not only rely on the ability to cook, but we also have to choose BBQ Grill or the right grill tool, in order to maximize the grill results to be served. So, how to choose the right BBQ Grill? Previously, please note that there are 2 types of BBQ Grill, namely Charcoal Grill and Gas grill. You can visit our website to get cheap grills.

1. Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grill is a grill whose source of heat comes from charcoal. It takes a long time to roast a barbecue using this tool because the resulting heat temperature is not high and the baked goods do not directly come into contact with the heat source; however, with this slow cooking technique, the baked ingredients will actually feel more moist and gentle. In addition, the grill results have a distinctive aroma that comes from the smoke of charcoal. In terms of type options, currently charcoal grills are available in various form choices at relatively affordable prices. For the treatment step, you should diligently clean this charcoal grill so that no remaining food stick is left.

2. Gas Grill

Gas Grill is a grill tool that comes from gas combustion. Unlike Charcoal Grill; with this gas grill, we only need a relatively short time to finalize the food, because you can adjust the temperature as needed. Foodstuffs processed by gas grills also has its own characteristics. High temperatures and direct contact between foodstuffs with heat sources make the process of caramelization we can see from the appearance of brownish streaks on the surface of roasted meats or vegetables. Grill results will feel juicier because the juices are stored well on the inside. Currently, there are many options of a gas grill with its uniqueness. This type of grill tends to be easier to use and clean. If you are not too fond of excessive smoke, the gas grill is perfect because it produces a little smoke.