What to Do When Your AC Doesn’t Work

When talking about air conditioner servicing singapore, you may wonder how to do DIY maintenance and even repair. When the air conditioner breaks, leaks or does not release cold air, there are several things you can do as the prevention actions, so you don’t need to worry about worse condition. Perhaps, you have the idea of fixing it yourself if possible. If you have tried to clean your AC, but it is still not able to work properly, here is what you should go with.

If the fan is on but the compressor can’t work, try checking the power cord and socket on the outside of the AC. Check if there are damaged parts of the cable or socket. Also check the remote control to make sure the selected mode is correct. The fan and compressor will function if the remote control is set in ‘Cool’ or ‘Auto’ mode. This last way sounds so simple to do and may seem trivial, but it also should get noted. Check the power cord connection between the inside and outside of the AC.