These are Two Historical Mosques You Can Visit While In Arab

As a Muslim, you may have the desire to visit Arabia for worship, even many people who have the desire to master Arabic very well. At you can be helped to understand and master Arabic very well and quickly.

In addition to worship, usually many people who visit Arab to visit the various historical places there. Some of the historic places you can visit are

1. Nabawi Mosque
It is the largest mosque in the world’s second rank following the Grand Mosque. So there is a hadith that says that if the Muslims do worship in this mosque, then the papa that will be given to him far greater than a thousand times from doing Salat in another mosque.

2. Quba Mosque
Its simple form of the building does not diminish its appeal. There is a porch to the north of this mosque which has a palm palace and space is used for the location of prayer. The roof of this mosque was made of date palm leaves and mixed clay.