These are Two Technical Mistakes That Can Make A Compressor In The Air Conditioner Being Damaged

If you have an air conditioner at home, then all you have to do is keep the air conditioner in order not easily damaged and always you can use. However, if your air conditioner is damaged then all you can do is visit the website to get the right and quick fix.

Usually, the damaged air conditioner is caused by a compressor that is also damaged. However, the damaged compressor is not meant to be due to the wrong usage, but can also be due to technical errors, such as

1. Error installation
Error in installation. Many think that the AC’s installation layout has no effect on the cooling process. The answer is correct, but the effect on your AC age is getting shorter. Then how to install the right? for a more complete explanation, you can see the installation SOP from the manufacturer, usually in the cardboard box when purchasing the air conditioner.

2. Lack of Freon
One other technical cause is your air conditioner in a state of lack of freon due to leakage causing the compressor working temperature to rise