Keep guns in home securely without loss of good taste

Your country gives citizen permission of legally store weapons in general or guns in particular. If you are looking for the best gun safe for your house, you can get access to the follow link to read top 10 best gun safe. It is normal for inhabitants to own some guns because of self-defense purpose and keep them in a gun safe in home. The gun safes on market now are rather expensive. But as you know, protect guns when store them in home is a necessary thing that can’t be defied. The secure gun safe can help you resist unfortunately accidents especially there are kids in your house; prevent your children from approaching and playing with the gun; of course, also avoid the case that the robbers break into the house and use your guns to threaten.
Although, where to put the gun safe and how to place it reasonably and securely without loss of good taste are still quite delicate matter. What should you do to keep guns in a private place where is least expected but still arranged very beautiful and tidy?
There are many guns safe designs that can be show out in your house.
Besides, there are also some guns safe designed in normal furniture style; if only look at their appearance, you can’t realize they are keeping guns or weapons inside; but at the right moments, you can take it out to use conveniently.
For examples:
A gun safe can be hidden in the form of a usual display shelf, only when pull down, you can find out a secret gun safe.
If you want, you also can design your gun safe to be disguised as a TV closet; in there, the guns are organized neatly, do not affect on the taste of the room at all.
And you may see a wall mirror change into a gun safe after just a horizontal slip in need.
If you have a bookcase ready, you can put the gun safe at the head, the bottom or the back of that. Everyday people can go through this bookcase and no one but you know that behind rows of books there is one, two, three or more gun safes.

In some house, the owner conceals the gun safe under the ordinary steps of the stair.

A popular cabinet design will become an effective gun safe if it has camouflage drawers and interior is full of gun hangers. That cabinet also contain furnishings or clothes but two auxiliary doors-leafs at two body sides are actually gun safes.

gun safe

Even one clock, one table, one armchair also hold a gun safe.

Recently, some people have bought the gun safe designed under their bed.
Designing the gun safe in home in normal furniture style is a very popular trend at present. Despite looking like interior furniture, those are made very steadily, reasonably and correctly in every millimeter; technology improvement is often applied so that people are difficult to find and open it if they don’t know how. Which do you prefer in all models above?
Whatever design or size (small, medium, large) you choose for the gun safe in your house, you must get one with several secure features; a stable body made from thick materials that can afford to resist the destroy tools such as hammer, crowbar…; can stand the fire in some constant hours; spacious interior; good paint color and super safe and modern lock system which can counteract all sabotage and prize tools. Moreover, your gun safe in near future should be simple in maintenance and repairing if something go wrong.

Best deer hunting equipment

Every hunter will have his/her own favorite equipment that they take every time hunting. But there are tools that any hunter shall have in the backpack. Let us revise what a good hunting bag should contain. It will be divided to two types: for survival and for hunting.
Starting from survival types of tools, probably, every one who is going not only to hunt, but for camping should have following essentials:
  • Fire is the most important. It keeps you warm, you need it for cooking, and having campfire is fun of course. Few sources of fire will not be too much. Bring the waterproof and windproof matches, basic lighter, a magnesium striker and tin of petroleum-based fire paste.
  • First aid kit. Well, anything happens, make sure you have pain killers, band aids and other things to take care about your wounds or unexpected stomach aches.

First Aid Kit Red

  • Knife and stone sharpener. Knife is like fire, necessary for everything, from cooking to killing. A sharp knife is necessary while you are out there in the wild life.
  • Tent for camping. If you are planning few days out there hunting or just having some fun, an appropriate tent is another essential. There are many types of tents, depending on whether you are going alone or you are going with your whole family.
  • Backpack. Of course to carry all these items you need a comfortable and suitable backpack. Maybe in summer lightweight backpack is fine, but make sure that with the seasonal changes you have the one that can carry all necessary things.


Coming to the professional tools of a hunter. These are essentials in your checklist:

  • Binocular. Make sure you get one with appropriate optic features, so you see the catch properly.
  • Map and compass. Well, nowadays we all know that smartphones replace everything. But in case your phone does not work, it is useful to have other tools for direction guiding.
  • Rifle and sling. Carrying your firearm on the shoulder allows you to attack immediatel. If you are shooter, then you definitely need it.


  • Ammunition. And of course, recheck whether you have not forgotten supply for your firearm. Depends on the type of firearm you use and who you want to catch, there are many types of ammunition.
  • Mesh bag. Once you got the animal you need a bag to hang the meat.


  • Toiletries. No need but probably still remind about basics like toothbrush, soap, towel, toilet paper etc.
  • Food. You might get the quarry or you might not. Make sure you will be full during hunting time.

European and American beautiful women and hunting interest

These pretty women not only own great beauty and talent, but also are the skilful hunters. Who are they?

1. Avril Lavigne

Born in 1984 and grew up in Napanee, a small town of Canada, this singer spent most of her childhood on outdoor activities like hunting and fishing with family. However, due to being a girl, every time she begged her dad to let her follow in hunting trips, her brother always vehemently opposed. Her firm personality and passion for hunting was the most impressive feature with Cliff Fabri, her first manager, when they first get acquainted with each other.
Avril Lavigne

2. Eva Longoria

Born in 1975, famous for the character “Gabirelle Solis” in serial comedy “Desperate Housewives”, Eva Longoria is also a keen hunter. She was raised from a farm in the land of Texas cowboys; Eva Longoria and her two sisters got acquainted with shotguns and were taught how to use them by father since 4 years old.

Eva Longoria

Beginning with shooting at Coca cans, her using shotguns skills has gotten more and more progressive. She regularly hunts deer, wild boar and turkey. Not only know hunting way, but Eva Longoria is also proficient in manipulations of handling hunted prey.

3. Kate Middleton

British Royal is inherent in traditionally hunting passion. Therefore, since she has not married Prince William yet, in 2007, Kate Middleton tried to score with his father by joining royal hunting. Prince Charles guided Kate and very impressed by using shotguns skills of his future daughter-in-law. Moreover, Prince Charles also loves the food he hunted.


4. Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert, born in 1983, is an American country music singer and lyric writer. Hunting is one of her interest; she regularly hunts deer and turkey. She even prepared herself the home-grown dishes she harvested in her wedding party with the singer Blake Shelton. Blake Shelton is also very interested and good in hunting and fishing.


5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Born in 1987, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a famous angel of world’s leading fashion show Victoria’s Secret. She has replaced Megan Fox to appear in Part 3: Dark of the Moon of super product: Transformers. When living on farm with her parents in England, this model is regularly in charge of hunting for food for family. Besides the meat of the pig bred in farm, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s family usually eats pheasant and rabbit meat she hunted.


6. Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris, born in 1993, is New Zealand’s famous model with a hot body and sexy face. She participated in large fashion events around the world and was a model for several magazines for men. Besides time for show, advertising, she loves outdoor sports like hunting and fishing. Harris revealed that besides diet and scientific exercise, it was playing outdoor sports regularly that helped her to maintain youthfulness and freshness.
 Sarah Harris

Rare and valuable animals are threatened by illegal hunting wild animals

Each year, thousands of wildlife species become extinct. These animals have ever wandered around the Earth in mass of droves; but now they permanently disappeared from our planet with a terribly high speed. Scientists estimate that the current extinction speed is 1000 times as high as normal speed. What has caused extinction rate rapidly increased like that?
The simplest but most worrisome answer is: human. Apart from consumption too many natural resources, a more worrisome trend threatening wildlife is illegal hunting wild animals (2) and illegal trading wild animals. Matter of poaching and smuggling wild animals and their body parts on the black market are on the rise. The growing demand for products derived from some typical terrestrial animal species such as elephants, rhinos and tigers not only threaten those animal species but also threaten the peace, health and the prosperity of the resident living near them.
Besides being killed for their meat, wild animals are being killed for their organs. These parts are used to process the folk medicines in Asia and for decorative purposes. For examples: rhinoceros horns are used to make the stock of dagger and fever medicines; ivories are used to make inexpensive jewelry; and tiger fur skins are used to dress or make attached accessories.



Rhinoceros in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries belonging to the south of South Africa as well as the Javan Rhinoceros distributed in the Indonesian islands, spanning the whole of Southeast Asia to India and China are seriously threatened in danger by illegal hunting wild animals to trade the horns to Asian markets. During the period from 1970 to 1992, 96% of Africa Black Rhinoceros was killed in a wave of poaching to take the horns; mainly due to longstanding belief in folk medicines of traditional Oriental medicine that rhinoceros horns may lower the fever and other diseases, including the cancer. This black market exists  themselves durably and could sell at up to $ 30,000 per kilogram of rhino horn, although there is evidence that rhino horn has no medical value.



Gabon is a place was once considered as the paradise of the African forest elephant, because there are more than half of the African forest elephants, about 40,000 elephants, living here. The conservation experts have ever thought that Gabon is a safe place for African forest elephants. But the elephant ivory in Gabon is something attractive to poachers because they are very hard and have pink color. So elephant hunting at here was beyond the control of the government. Poachers have killed more than 11,000 elephants, account for 44-77% of the number of elephants in Gabon, for their ivories since 2004. It is said that the high demand for jewelry and other products from ivory in Asian makes the poachers promote killing elephants in recent years. Similarly, in Minkebe national park, there are about 50 to 100 elephants killed each day in 2011. Only in 2011, the poachers killed about 25,000 African elephants all over the world.



In the early 1990s, the world’s tiger population is estimated to be over 100,000. Today, 97% of this population has been wiped off. It just remains below 3,200 tigers. Although most of the traditional remedies are not harmful to the animals and the environment, the folk remedies requiring beard, fat, skin and bone are threatening to wipe this vulnerable type of animals out.
Moreover, South American river turtles, Tarsier short monkeys, Okapi, freshwater dolphins and so on are typical wild animal species seriously threatened by number because of excessively hunting issue for meat, egg and other organs.

What do you know about hunting wild animals in The United States

If you have read books or watch movies about the North American, the Far West, Southern United States and cowboys in general, you must be known that hunting occurred here long ago, is an important part in many cultures of American ethnic groups. American residents enjoy hunting very much and are all good gunmen.

Hunting wild animals in the United States?

Today, the United States still allows hunting wild animals as hunting entertainment or hunting job (1), but they have specific laws and regulations on hunting, such as the seasons or the areas you are allowed to hunt, given by some wildlife conservation agencies. Hunters must comply with these regulations and have to buy license if they want to go fishing or go hunting. Licenses are sold at some grocery store near natural lake, national park or forest. If you go fishing, you will be restricted the number and the size of caught fishes depending on the fish resource in lakes. As for hunting wild animals, hunters must have another license to use the gun as well as register this with the police department. Hunting and fishing season generally runs from May until the end of August. When the summer is ending, the autumn begins and lasts until the winter, millions of hunters everywhere in the United States head the mountains, the plains, the hills, the valleys, the rivers and the big lakes to start hunting wild animals trip. Almost the United States people advocate legally hunting.
The United States treasures the issue of nature and wildlife conservation. There are a lot of forests and natural lakes here and they are controlled very closely. Where wild animals are prolific will be opened for hunting, and where there are very little wild animals is closed. Nature and wildlife conservation agency will tell you what forests were allowed to hunt and mostly allow hunting deer, wild boar and rabbit. Other animals are banned hunting; even wild birds are not arrested. As for deer and wild boar, the law does not allow you to shoot the female or the mother if they are in the period of herding their cubs. Many national parks are preserved as deserted time. Some places people built the area for tourists to rest, hunt and go camping if necessary. Therefore, if you want to hunt, you should often refer to information on the Internet in advance.

What are kinds of hunted animals?

Hunted animals are usually divided into some following main categories include: big hunted animals, small hunted animals, fur skin animals, predatory animals, terrestrial birds and waterfowl.
Big animals hunting job often requires the cards attached to each animal the hunter caught. These cards must be bought together with hunting licenses, and the number of card which is given each hunter is often restricted. In cases there are more hunters than hunted animals in any species, the cards often divided in lottery way. The cards can also be restricted in a particular area or a wildlife conservation place. Hunting the migratory waterfowl species usually requires duck stamp from United States Fish and Wildlife Service together with the appropriate hunting license in that state. Hunting other animals, beside big hunted animals, are frequently restricted by bag limit and possession limit. Bag limit is the largest number of any special animal species that an individual is allowed to hunt per day. Possession limit is the largest number of any special animal species that an individual can own at anytime.

The special eagle hunting job in Mongolia

Nomadic people wearing a fur hat and a long robe with a giant eagle perching upon arm while they riding horse to twist through the cliffs in the harsh winter weather for hunting is a normal image you can see in Mongolia, one of the most remote places of the world.


Eagle hunting is considered as a traditional occupation of the ethnic group who living here. Today, due to strong effect of globalization process, almost traditional occupations have faded step by step. But the eagle hunting is still regarded as the job of brave people in Kazakh tribe and conserved from father to son.
Kazakh tribe lives on a mountainous land that is located in the West pole of Mongolia and surrounded by the Altai Mountains. Kazakh people are descendants of the Mongols who are taken the lead by Genghis Khan to invade this region in the 13th century.
Right here, Kazakh people raise cow and sheep for a living and keep up  the long-standing cultural practices. And one of their very special jobs is hunting by eagles that called “eagle hunting” (or golden eagle hunting). Even women can also become hunters and each family has its own secrets and regulations in catching, breeding and training the eagles.
 hunter bird

To serve their hunting for food, Kazakh people catch and train the eagles. These powerful birds appear so much in Central Asia. One large eagle weighs up to 6.5 kilograms and its wingspan is wider than 2 meters. Eagle is the bird of prey; unlike the others often eat seeds, insects and fruits. While the others only can fly in a short distance, this type of birds can fly very far to find their prey. Eagle can easily overcome the wind with a speed of 20 miles per hour without using much energy. All the claws on eagle’s feet are curved and sharp. These sharp claws are their dangerous weapon to make an attack on prey and hold it captive.

Eagle’s view is also a notable feature; its view is eight times farther than the human’s view. So they can detect their prey such as fox or rabbit at miles away. Normally, Kazakh people often feed female eagles because they are heavier and more resistant as well as skillful in hunting than males. An eagle could live up to 50 years old but most of them are usually kept for hunting in 10 years, then they are released back to the wild nature.

Kazakh people attach much importance to behaving towards the eagle. The Kazakhs treat them very gently and carefully because in this place, they are important and indispensable warriors who help Kazakh people to have food and warm clothing made from fur. These things support Kazakh people to resist the harsh winter in the cold which is usually minus 30 degrees. In addition to hunting, the eagles also help people who living here to look after the cattle.
According to traditional rules, the hunters often go alone with the eagles. However, having such brave and strong hunters is not something simple or overnight. Just the very skillful and experienced hunters can find an intelligent, brisk and wise eagle satisfactorily and proudly. They often take quite many days to keep track of the eagle and catch it on the high and dangerous cliffs.
The eagle is a bird friendly to human and after being tamed and brought back to live with people, they never attack children, sheep or goat. The larger they are, the better their possibility of prey hunting is.